lundi 4 octobre 2010


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  1. woah, cammy is... ehm.. "big"! ^^
    the next game should be called Street Lover and not Street Fighter! ;)

    I love your drawings! So sad that you are only active every now and then.


  2. Cammy looks so generous :) Maybe she had a baby or two.

    Great drawings

  3. ahah...yeah you're right, I'm not very good at proportions and stuff. Street lover would be definitely a great game, I'm sure!

  4. Oh i hope you don't take it as negative critique, I don't think that your work shows a lack of proportion skills. this pic is cool, cammy looks very sexy, hence the stupid street lover joke ;)
    you draw very well, it's always nice to see new stuff from you! :)

  5. Hey Martin! I was kidding and I wasn't upset at all! And I definitely like the idea of street lover :) don't worry.
    Thanks Kenneth for your comment!;)

  6. mmmh callipyge :) (maintenant je sais ce que ça veut dire)